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June 2003 News

What's new at Brandywine

Lot's of things happening at Brandywine Airport!

  1. Dave Nelson finally decided to retire as airport manager! Dave was very instrumental in bringing Brandywine to its current status. We are all going to miss Dave, but he is still a very active member of the Board of Directors, and his input is always welcome.

The new manager, John Taylor, retired from the public sector, as well as twenty years as an Army helicopter pilot, and even a hitch in the Marine Corps. He guarantees a clean, neat and friendly airport, and is trying very hard to make a profit. Wouldn't this me nice!

Other news: 1. Check out the new retaining Wall. Looks great.

  1. Notice the new construction on the North side of the runway? With a little luck, we will soon have four corporate hangars, and with a little more luck we will have four Pilatus aircraft. This will sure help our fuel sales!
  2. Check out the Pilot Shop. 10% off on summer polo shirts. A new line of fall denim shirts, along with leather flight jackets will arrive shortly.
  3. Discussions are underway for a restuarant. I will keep you advised.
  4. October 19 and 20 was Rotorfest. Hope you all attended as it was a great success.
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