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June 2004 News

June 2004 Airport Manager Newsletter

Hello Shareholders.

It has been some time since the last newsletter, and I would like to bring you up to date on the airport. As in the winter of 2003, this winter was cold and windy, and even without the snow, flight traffic was quite low. As can be expected, many months were operated at a loss. On the bright side, though, we operated with a profit during February and March, and managed to end up the year with a profit of $45,000 vs. $17,761 last year. Not only is this over a 100% improvement, it represents two years of profit since the corporation was formed.

Some news of interest is our approval for funding to install a taxiway extension, REIL, PAPI, and AWOS. Design stage is this year, and construction will be next year.

HJC Maintenance is off to a good start. Jerry Vogt will manage the new avionics shop, which is now up and ready for business. Tom Kosick at flight Dynamics is across the runway in the third hangar. Tom is keeping busy with repairs and annuals from a loyal list of customers here at Brandywine.

Dave Marvin and SecureFlight have opened their office in the first hangar across the runway. Now ready for business, they hope to get their first Pilatus PT-12 in April. We all wish them luck in their fractional ownership venture.

Our change to Phillips has worked exceedingly well; as we are all spoiled by the new fuel trucks. We are still hoping that everyone will pitch in and sign up for the Phillips credit card. Actually, there is now available a new Phillips Mastercard, which offers a rebate not only to general aviation similar to the AOPA card, but also a rebate to the card holder. A win-win situation. Please stop by and sign up.

The next annual shareholders meeting will be May 3rd, 7:00 PM, at the West Goshen Township Bldg., located at Paoli Pike and North Five Points Road. Anyone wishing to run for the Board may express his/her intentions at that time.

I would also like to welcome our new shareholders: Greg and Susan Otterson, B-2; Robert and Deborah Bruneau, C-8; Ed Pettis, C-10; and most recently Kent Carrington, A-8.

Please mark your calendar for our next Brandywine Aviation Day, June 12th. Last year it was a great success, and I hope to see you then. Once again, we are looking for pilots to give rides. Any volunteers please get in touch with Dave Nelson.

Thank you for your support.

  • John Taylor, Airport Manager
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