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Brandywine Airport Pilot's Association

Brandywine Airport Pilot's Association
Brandywine Airport Pilots Association Brandywine Airport Pilots Association

Brandywine Airport
Pilots Association

Bringing People Together

The Brandywine Airport Pilots Association is a club which promotes social and educational activities for pilots at Brandywine Airport.   We have social gatherings, fly-outs, and occasionally bus trips to places of interest to the general aviation community.   We also sponsor FAA Wings Program safety seminars and other educational activities for local pilots.   BAPA's mission is to bring people together.


An Email Listserv has been setup to allow easy communication between BAPA members, and other in the community.

From "Short Final":

Ground: "One Two Alpha, turn right on Hotel, taxi to parking.   Bear left, disabled aircraft on the right."
One Two Alpha: "Roger, I have the disabled aircraft in sight.   Looking for the bear."

From "On the Air":

Syracuse Approach: "Baron One Eight Five Three Bravo is cleared for the visual, runway 28.   Be advised there is a red and white blimp with the name "Snoopy" at your 12 o'clock, 4 miles and 1000 feet."
Baron: "Baron One Eight Five Three Bravo cleared for the visual 28.   Negative contact on the blimp."
Syracuse Approach: "By the way Five Three Bravo, is your color red?"
Baron: "Negative, we're white, gold and black."
Syracuse Approach: "Shucks, I always wanted to say "Snoopy, watch for the Red Baron at your 6 o'clock."

BAPA Purpose Statement
To promote education, safety, and professionalism in flying, operating and maintaining our aircraft; to establish and develop an interchange of educational information and experience; to encourage professional growth, recurrent training and upgrading; to cultivate and promote friendship and sociability among members; to cultivate and promote a strong relationship between the flying community and Brandywine Airport.
Telephone Numbers

BAPA People

Bud Laird, President
Linda Robinson, Vice President

Others to Know

Brandywine Airport, 610-692-6100
Flight School, 610-696-8664
Weather / Flight Service, 1-800-WX-BRIEF
Chester County AWOS, 610-384-6132
Fuel Price
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