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Brandywine Airport Photo Gallery
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Showcase Your Trip

Welcome to the Brandywine Airport Photo Gallery.  This is a place where members of the airport community can show where they've been for all to see.  Just send us email if you'd like pictures from your favorite recent trip to appear in our virtual gallery.

Exhibit: Taxiway Construction

Taxiway construction beginning in early November to extend the existing parallel taxiway to Runway 09

Photos: John Taylor Story: Lee Marzke

Exhibit: An Aviation Story

Hope you will enjoy a short aviation story.

Around Delaware in an Afternoon

( R. Dant )

Exhibit: Sun & Fun 99

Several members of the Brandywine Airport community flew down to Lakeland, Florida for Sun-N-Fun 1999.

Exhibit: N99 Growth Over the Years

Brandywine Airport has experienced many changes throughout its history.

Take a trip backward in time with some old photographs of West Chester Airport -- now Brandywine Airport.

Exhibit: Hangar Construction

Brandywine Airport went through a period of rapid growth not too long ago, with the construction of 50 new T-hangars and 10 corporate hangars

See how the changes progressed with a few photographs of the construction project.

Exhibit: V22 (Osprey) arrives at N99

Of all the historic aircraft on display at the American Helicopter Museum and Education Center at Brandywine Airport, by far the largest and most noticable (at least from outside) is the V-22 Osprey.

In case you weren't on hand when it arrived at N99, here are some photos of the event.

Exhibit: OshKosh '97 Fly-In

As you know, the EAA's annual fly-in at Oshkosh is one of the largest events in all of aviation, and so it naturally attracts pilots from Brandywine each year.

Here are just a few of the photos taken by New Brandywine Airport Club members on the summer '97 Oshkosh outing.

Exhibit: Puerto Rico Trip

Sam Santangelo's photos from his trip to the islands are now here.

The islands of Culebra, Puerto Rico, and La Mona are featured.

Exhibit: Grand Canyon

Submitted by Jack and Linda Robinson after their recent trip out west.

Exhibit: Media Public Schools Field Trip

Below is a group of kids from the Media Public Schools who enjoyed a field trip to Brandywine Airport.

Public tours like these are both fun and educational, and may spark that interest we need for the next generation of pilots.

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Send us your photos

Have some pictures taken on your last trip?  Or some good ones of Brandywine Airport or the people who fly out of here?  Then send them to Lee Marzke and we'll place them here for everyone to see.  After all, this is your web site!


Also see our Photo Albums which has additional pictures without attached stories

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