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New Brandywine Airport Club

The New Brandywine Airport  Club

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The Saving Of An Airport

Like so many others, Brandywine Airport was in danger of closing.  The former owner, while keenly interested in supporting general aviation, was looking for a buyer... and the value of commercial land in Chester County made for a serious risk that N99's days as an airport could be numbered.  The nearest small airport, Shannon Memorial, closed a few years ago.  There is no airport in Delaware County at all.  In the heart of the busy western suburbs of Philadelphia, it would indeed have been a shame to lose Brandywine Airport.

The Dawn Of A New Day...

So we, the pilots who have made Brandywine Airport our second home, have formed The New Brandywine Airport Club -- a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting this West Chester aviation landmark.  With a plan for financing the purchase of the airport and improving its facilities, the future of Brandywine Airport is looking bright.

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The dream has become a reality! Brandywine Airport is now owned and operated by the New Brandywine Airport Club.

Changes in the Works

From idea to plan to action, our vision for saving and improving Brandywine Airport is taking shape.  Here is the current status:

  1. On May 2, 1997 the NBAC shareholders elected a Board of Directors to serve for a term of one year.
  2. Settlement date was July 25, 1997... NBAC owns the airport! 
  3. August 1, 1997 operation of the airport began by New Brandywine Aero, Inc.
  4. Hangar construction was completed in early 1998.
  5. As of June 2 1998, N99 is open with a longer runway and new markings. RW-27 now has a 250' displacement, and RW-9 has about a 100' displacement.
  6. As of January 2004, the new NorthEast Hangar has been completed and occupied with both Aviation and non-Aviation uses.
  7. As of Sept 2004, Wireless Internet service was activated in the main terminal, expanding in early 2005 to the entire airport.
  8. Around Nov 2005, ground was broken to extend the parallel taxyway to the end of runway 09, install PAPA lights and an on-field AWOS. Construction is still on-going as of Jan 15, 2006

The new owners of the airport are the pilots who use it... at least the ones who chose to buys shares in the club.  Note that it is a club: its intent is to promote general aviation at Brandywine Airport.  While we intend to run The New Brandywine Airport Club with good business sense and professionalism, its main purpose is to preserve the airport and make it an even greater asset to the community than it already is.

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