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NBAC WiFi Info

NBAC Use of WiFi Internet

Who can use the system

The WiFi system is intented for use by itinerant business aircraft pilots, passengers, airport tennants, and others associated with the airport. Generally, anyone picking up the signal and abiding by our usage rules you can use the service. We reserve the right to remove service to anyone abusing the service or not following the published usage requirements. Note: this is not FULL internet service - only web browsing and email services are permitted

Coverage Area

Since Brandywine's WiFi Internet service now encompasses most of the airport ramps and taxyways, many pilots are asking for details on using this service.

For technical details, please direct questions to Lee Marzke and not the airport staff.

WiFi coverage area is eastern half of airport

Coverage Area

The newly revised coverage map shows a usable signal as tested from a normal laptop inside a vehicle (car) over most of the airport ramps, taxiways, and runway areas. The signal is also usable inside the main terminal building. The weekest areas are as follows:

  • SouthEast Side of hangar row AA
  • Southernmost hangar in all hangar rows
  • SouthWest side if hangar row D (facing west)
  • NorthEast Ramp

All of these locations should be able to obtain a usable signal with a suitable external antenna. Note - most consumer WiFi cards do not accept external antenna's and will require purchase of a high-quality card, and low-loss cable in additon to the antenna.

Use inside hangars

While the signal is available over most of the airport surface, it generally won't penetrate hangar walls except through the window opening. Once inside the hangar window the signal reflects and may change polarization - thus making it extreamly difficult to obtain a useable signal.

Most Laptop's and computers inside any hangar will not be able to obtain a usable signal.

Their are (3) methods of otaining a signal inside the hangar.

  1. Place a single access point on the building and provide wired Ethernet service on existing CAT5 telephone cables. (Installed only by n99/Lee - tested)
  2. Place a directional antenna just inside the hangar window and use low loss antenna cable to a WiFi card with external antenna connector. (partially-tested)
  3. Use a multi-directional/multi-polarization antenna connected to the WiFi card (untested)

Contact Lee Marzke if you wish to try an external antenna/PCMCIA card from your location.

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